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Sami Ghandour | Elite Environmental Cleaning Services

Sami Ghandour
Chief Executive Officer of Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties

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Welcome to Elite Environmental Cleaning Services! We’re not just any cleaning service – we’re here to make your space super clean and eco-friendly. At Elite Environmental Cleaning, we care about the planet, so we use special cleaning stuff that’s good for nature. Whether you have a busy office, a cool store, or a doctor’s place, we’ve got just the right cleaning plan for you. We’re all about making you happy, so our schedule is flexible, and we promise you’ll be pleased with our cleaning. Experience the Elite difference – where we make your place clean, green, and happy!

Our team has 20 years of experience in Environmental services of many domains. We have provided services in healthcare facilities, food and beverage establishments , retail stores, office buildings, automotive dealerships, planes, banks and residential. We pride ourselves with the quality and thoroughness of our services.

Infection control should now be a great part of any cleaning service. Controlling the spread of bacteria, viruses, mold and algae is a task that can be difficult to master. Edwardo Cruz has over 20 years of experience in this Bussiness. He was for 9 years supervising these efforts in a Hospital, where he received extensive training. He was recognized on several occasions by JHACO has maintaining the cleanest hospital in South Florida. His attention to detail and his use of technology for training and monitoring make him a great asset to optimally maintain your employees and client’s health in these uncertain times.

We monitor closely our team’s work by providing them with proper training and continuous education in infection control, new products and techniques. We conduct regular inspections using physical and visual assessments and a UV light dotting system.

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Edward Cruz
Chief Operations Officer of Collier, Lee, Hendry and Monroe counties

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